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MetPlant is being organised and managed with the environment and sustainability as major priorities.  Sustainability practices have been adopted from the beginning, including:


  • The MetPlant venue, Adelaide Convention Centre, is committed to achieving and maintaining the best-practice environmental and corporate social responsibility programs and standard and to be recognised as a leader in environmental sustainability management. You can read the centre’s environmental sustainability policy statement here.

  • To reduce carbon footprint, regular conference organising committee meetings will be conducted electronically as often as possible to reduce travel.

  • Other than name badges, there will be no printed materials at MetPlant.  All delegate information, the conference program, speaker profiles and general information will be published electronically in the MetPlant Conference App. Name badges will use recyclable materials and will not use clear plastic covers. Lanyards are made from sustainable materials.

  • Delegates travelling to Adelaide for MetPlant will be encouraged to purchase carbon offsets for their travel.

  • MetPlant will minimise single use materials (such as plastics, water bottles) and deploy sustainable products wherever possible.

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