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The MetPlant Conference has a long and proud history.

The 2023 event will be the eleventh in the series of conferences showcasing Metallurgical Plant Design and Operating Strategies, presenting a current update of advances in metallurgical processing and plant design. 

In 2023, we again continue with the theme of ‘World’s Best Practice’ that has been adopted since the beginning of the MetPlant series in 2002. 

Optimisation, improving efficiencies and innovation in design and operational strategies continue to be popular themes. 

As the need to demonstrate the highest commitment to ESG, and the cost of energy and other consumables continue to increase, many of this year’s papers explore these crucial matters as the industry aims to optimise plant performance.

It will be an outstanding conference that conveys a snapshot of today’s world’s best practice, and one which will have ongoing relevance to the future industry and bring value to those professionals engaged in the design, specification and operation of metallurgical plants.
Collectively we will ensure this is another successful exchange of ideas, experiences and information in 2023.

Check out these photo albums from the two most recent events.

2017 – Exhibitors

2017 – Speakers

2019 – Exhibitors

2019 – Speakers

John Vagenas_edited.jpg

View John Vagenas’ keynote address from the MetPlant 2019 event here. John will be presenting the Opening Keynote in 2023 titled “It’s All in Scope”.

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